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“Pressing Policy Issues for the Charity Sector” with Bill Schaper

Bill Schaper talks about the surfacing challenges and policy concerns that arise from the changing nature of charitable giving and the increasing demand for charity. T...

"The Nexus of Government and Charities" with Hilary Pearson

Hilary Pearson gives us an overview of how the Canada Revenue Agency advises and regards the charitable sector.

"Understanding Sponsorship" with Brent Barootes

The line between sponsorship and charitable giving is blurring. In this episode, Brent Barootes explains how sponsorship has taken off as a form of marketing, and how ...

"The Future of Charities," with Gena Rotstein

In this episode, Gena Rotstein, a philanthropic adviser, shares how philanthropy is evolving and how the charity field can shift to accommodate the new perspectives an...

"How to Bridge the Charity Sector," with Bruce MacDonald

Bruce MacDonald and Adam Aptowitzer explore the common challenges that charities face and share various ideas on how to bring the sector together.

Introducing Charity Chat Canada – Episode #1

We’ve launched! Adam Aptowitzer explains the goals of Charity Chat Canada!

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